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Sneha Bhawsinka

so much value to my life

Just questions and answers

To start with;

I joined the coaching under Jana out of curiosity; under those situations where you see an interesting flyer and think that ‘Oh! This might be interesting to explore.’ Little did I know that I was setting sail into a major change towards my outlook of life and myself.

When I met Jana and slowly got to know her more, I had a strong feeling of being connected to her and ended up calling her my ‘Soul Sister’. Turns out I was right and have never been happier to have gone with my intuition.


From the very beginning, it was never an actual coaching process where there are just questions and answers. Jana made sure that I was comfortable enough and rest is just history. Every session was a surreal experience, as if I am there letting myself out and being vulnerable; but in the presence of someone who is all ears to what I am trying to convey. Jana very conveniently and easily read between the lines and bam! It was like no questions were being chalked out but you are answering yourself for all the questions you ever had in your mind related to who you are, what you think of yourself, how you assess yourself and your life in specific situations and many more.


The one concept that has now been deep-rooted inside of me is Jana’s ‘Cup & Saucer’ theory. I can do a lot of things after this coaching which I couldn’t do before such as how to use my positive energy to overcome any stress through meditation and some relaxation techniques. 


Moreover, I learned how to speak publicly with high confidence and fluently, and how to change my thinking positively and successfully. I am more confident now and I can understand life from different aspects.


I have gained a lot more than I expected from life coaching. This is just the start of the new me.

Thanks again for your time, knowledge, insights and inspiration! It has really added so much value to my life.

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