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Jana Siedenhans

My background

Pleased to meet you — I am Jana

Well-versed and

very human 

My name is Jana Siedenhans. I took many years of seeking to follow my calling and unfold my genuine reasons for being.

For a long time, my path was shaped by try and error and moving away from things instead of clearly forward to something.

I experienced my final transformation, when I quit my job in the corporate world after 18 years and moved to Australia for starting a new life.

This turned out to be a short cut with valuable lessons—as I failed to find myself first, I found myself failing:

Not having shaped out my true identity at that time, my new life was build on instabile grounds and thus collapsed.

Within these fragments was where I finally discovered my true self.

On my whole life-journey, I repetitively experienced the ignition for development and change rooted in conscious connection—with ourselves and with others. Sharing these experiences to self-empower people for seeking out their authentic pathway in life is my purpose.

As consciousness coach, meditation guide, motivational speaker and business counselor I work with individuals and business owners from the U.S. to Europe, Africa and further on to Asia:

  • directed by the beauty of humanity

  • experienced in rising from falling myself

  • convinced of the power of connection

  • driven by the belief in my client’s capabilities

My expertise comes from life experience, trained and practiced skills, and the ability to understand life and people on a level that goes far beyond the surface of society.

  • Founding member of the Jay Shetty Certification School

  • Systemic business coach (accredited by "Systemische Gesellschaft Deutschland")

  • Change Manager (certified by Hemsley Fraser)

  • Life and success coach (certified by the Jay Shetty Certification School)​


JSCS Certified Life & Success Coach 2020
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