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Creating from confidence instead of concerns

Shift your drift

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Tell me if this sounds familiar?

For a long time you have been going through your life without a clear vision of how you want it to be. You somehow lost it—or haven't tapped into it, yet.

You take day by day—drifting away from things you don’t want rather than clearly steering towards things you do want.
But since a while, you hear a calling and you know, you truly want to follow—but somehow you can’t. Something is holding you back from that, and you know that it is YOU:

  • confused by the missing clarity of your calling

  • not acting out of will power and free decision

  • procrastinating

  • reacting to external circumstances

  • sabotaging yourself due to fears and doubts.

You don’t own the situation but are somehow it’s servant. You feel:

  • confused

  • concerned

  • lost.


A constant tug-of-war is tearing you apart: between the wish to follow what is calling you and the voice forcing you to stay where it’s familiar and safe. The ripple effects spread out in your life and your relationships:

  • you are losing the grip on your life development

  • your concerns start growing into paralyzing fear.

You understand that this is the turn of your tides:

Breaking through this is the key to become who you truly are. Getting lost in it means getting carried away to a destination far from yourself.

But you don’t know how to make it alone.

Pleased to meet you

I am Jana

100 %

on your side

As your consciousness coach, I support you by seeking out your (re-)connected pathways in life.


Let's make consciousness your key to create a life driven by confidence instead of concerns.

We go on the treasure hunt for the already existing pieces of your “reason for being“ in your so far life. For shaping out the big picture of who you are and how you want to create life, we combine those discoveries with new insights: 

I am your thinking partner asking thought-provoking questions, exploring new perspectives and alternatives.

I am 100 % on your side—even in times that you are not:

Together we uncover limiting beliefs, and roadblocks such as self-sabotaging habits, that hold you back.

Let’s unleash your inner capability of self-empowered actions to become the main character in ‘the story of your life’!

It all starts with consciousness about two missing links’:



You are missing the compass from your identity—maybe you got disconnected or did not yet tap into it.



Your belief system has caused habits, with which you keep yourself from taking the initiative to move out of this life situation.

About me

Your life is your story

Let’s flip your script

Painted in all colours

I took many years of seeking to follow my calling and unfold my genuine  ‘reason for being’. The journey was painted in all colors of life:


  • the dark shades of confusion and doubts

  • the light color of new insights, skills and self-discovery

  • the strong spectrum of growing confidence - in myself and in life

  • the clear range of colors coming with conscious transformation

On this whole journey, I again and again experienced the ignition for development and change rooted in conscious connection—with ourselves and with others.

Sharing these experiences to self-empower people for seeking out their authentic pathway in life is my purpose—directed by the beauty of humanity.

My expertise originates from life experience, skills trained and practiced intensely and the ability to understand life and people on a level far beyond the surface of society.

Embarking on a common journey with clients is always special and meaningful to me. In general we pass through three main phases:

Your Story

1. Finding your true North

What is your reason for being?

  • Not what your ego wants.

  • Not what your family wants.

  • Not what you think people will respect.

  • But where your inner calling wants to lead you to


I am talking about:

  • What do you love doing?

  • What are you good at?

  • What does the world need from you?

  • What can you be paid for?

We bring clarity to the answers of your calling. You gain awareness of where you stand right now and where you want to go. Thus you define your route and find your direction.

Write your happy ending

Following these steps, you dive into the story of your transformation—fueled from your own creative power, rising from new perspective and life-changing insights.

Making decisions and setting intentions become acts of clarity and calmness and ignite your courage to move forward. Step by step you find your conscious way of creating life from a source of self-trust and confidence instead out of concerns and chaos.

You unfold the ability to take initiative for achieving your goals, and will come further than you ever believed you could.

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With her great communication skills, Jana helps me to look at my central topics from different angles. She always has the right question at hand to bring me to new perspectives on the situation under consideration.
She listens without taking sides and takes time for her clients.
She is a great support in working out my own concrete goals in the specific situation.

Many things have become much clearer to me and I have developed a new understanding of the overall situation—more objective and therefore much better. All this unfolds in the pleasant atmosphere that she always maintains throughout her sessions.

Christian Allner, Co-Founder and COO of Menlo79 GmbH,Germany

Why consciousness? Why coaching?



... into consciousness and self-empowerment to me turned out to be the keys for creating life driven by confidence instead of concerns.

I experienced that it is possible to learn this way of creation and I believe that acting out of this state of being—we become our best self and live our best lives.

Sunset Walk


... I take all activities to support my clients on gaining clarity about themselves and their genuine priorities in life:

the power of consciousness.

I do all I can to activate their very own resources for breaking through blockings and taking the aligning action steps by conscious choice:

the power of coaching.



... my clients unlock consciousness as their own creative source for a fulfilling life. They shift from concerned drifting through life to steering confidently.

The ultimate goal: empowering them to create life as the place they understand as their reason for being!

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Are you ready to unlock your true identity and creating life out of confidence from your own power? Let's find out!

Appointments are available worldwide via Zoom/phone/Whatsapp or in person.
To book an appointment please fill in the enquiry form or contact via text or email, with the dates and times you are available (please include your timezone).
Looking forward to journeying with you!


Curious about own steps into your conscious way of living? 

Download your free version of my e-book:

From drifting to steering - four pillars for living life from confidence. 


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